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Flexible Software produces programs for use in primary and secondary schools. We have been creating software for more than thirty years and our programs are used in thousands of schools throughout the UK.


FlexiData is a data handling program that enables you to design a questionnaire, create a database, interrogate the data and produce a wide range of graphs and charts.


FlexiCAD is a 2-d Computer Aided Drawing program that is very easy to use and includes dimensions, hatching, an isometric grid and symbol libraries.


FlexiTree enables you to create and use a branching database that can include pictures, allows you to see a diagram of the whole tree and includes a spelling checker.
NEW:  version 3 is now available.

Free download

If you would like to download an evaluation copy of any of our programs, then please click on this button. You will be able to download a full version of FlexiData, FlexiCAD or FlexiTree which will work for a limited amount of time.

Flexible Software Ltd
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