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What's new in version 3 of FlexiTREE

The following is a list of the new features in version 3 of FlexiTree. There are also several minor improvements to the appearance and flexibility of the program.

Pictures on the tree The screen which shows the whole tree now has the option of showing the picture of each question and object in the tree. The printed version of the whole tree can also show the picture of each question and object.
Single file The picture files and sound files of the objects, questions and title page are all now included inside the tree file, which makes it much easier to copy a complete tree from one computer to another.
Clipboard You can now choose to import a picture straight from the clipboard into the tree. The picture will then be saved inside the tree file itself. The program makes it very easy to a copy a picture from the internet into the clipboard and to then paste it into an object, and to keep doing so for each object in turn while the tree is being created.
Possible answers There is now a new option when using the tree which shows a list of all the remaining possible objects that fit your answers so far, and a list of objects that your anwers have rejected. At any stage you can click on an object in either list and the tree will move directly to that object.
Sounds The program now supports .mp3 and .wma sound files as well as the original .wav files. Each object and question and the title page can be linked to a different sound file and, when using the tree, the sound is played whenever you get to that item.
Objects There is now another type of screen which shows all the details of any object in the tree, including the picture, comment and a list of each of the questions and and answers which would take you to that object. You can choose the object that you want from an alphabetical list of objects
Help system There is now a choice of four text sizes for any of the help pages. The help system now includes 250 pages of help.
Web files If you have already saved a tree as a series of web pages, you can now choose for FlexiTree to import all of the pages and re-create the tree. The enables you to recover a tree and to then edit it, even if you have mislaid the original tree file. The pages can be imported from disk or directly from the internet.

If you currently have version 1 of FlexiTree then the following new features are also included in version 3:

Saving web pages You can save any tree as a series of web pages using one simple command. The pages could be linked into your school's internet site, or they could be used on any home computer which has a web browser - it doesn't need to have FlexiTree.
Sound files You can now link any object, question or the title page to a sound file. The format of the file must be a wave sound (with a wav extension). This could be used to link objects to the sounds they make, or you could use a microphone to add spoken comments.
Pictures It is now possible to show a picture with each question and also on the title page, as well as for each object.
FlexiTree 3 supports some extra picture file formats - vector and clipart files (emf and wmf extensions), graphics files (png and gif extensions) as well as other new types (dib, dwg and dxf extensions).
Colours You can now choose the foreground and background colour of any object and any question. This would be shown when you are using the tree to identify an object and on the diagram of the whole tree.
Whole tree layout The layout of the whole tree has been improved so that the text is much more legible on both the screen and the printout, even with a large tree.
Printing questions There is now a printout of the tree in the form of a series of questions. Each yes and no answer points to another question (by number) or an object. You can use this set of questions to identify any object in the tree. There is also an option to print the list of objects on a separate page.
Printing cards Another new printout shows all the objects as cards - you can choose how many across and down each page. The card shows the picture of the object, with the option to include the object name and comment. The cards can be used to help design the tree away from the computer, or as a starting point for pupils to identify objects.
Long filenames FlexiTree now supports the use of long filenames and you can also see long folder names in full. The program uses the Windows Explorer style of dialog to load and save files.
Answers so far When you are using the tree to identify an object, FlexiTree 3 is able to show you a list of all the questions that you have been asked so far, and the answer that you gave to each question. This feature can be switched on or off at any time using a button on the toolbar.
If you decide that one of your earlier answers was wrong, you can quickly return to that question by clicking on it in the list of answers so far.
Tree direction There is now an option to have the tree going up or down the page. The direction of the tree can be toggled at any time using a button on the toolbar. The direction will affect the appearance of the whole tree on screen, when the tree is being used to identify an object, the printout of the whole tree and if the tree is saved as a series of web pages.

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