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What's new in version 4 of FlexiData

The following is a list of the new features in version 4 of FlexiData. There are also several minor improvements to the appearance and flexibility of the program.

Mail merge FlexiData now includes a complete mail merge system. There is a simple word processing program which also allows fields and conditional text to be included in the document. You can scroll through all the merged documents on screen. The same system can also be used for labels including standard pre-cut sheets of labels.
New graphs Version 4 includes two new types of graph – box and whisker plots and cumulative frequency diagrams. These classic graphs are useful for showing the distribution of values in a numeric (or other linear) field and, in the case of box and whisker plots, how that distribution varies with a second field.
Web fields There is a now a new field type which allows you to enter and validate a url for a web page. If the url appears in a table in your report then double clicking on it will launch your browser to load that page. There is also a similar field type for any other sort of file that can be accessed on your local machine.
String fields Another new field type, called a string field, is similar to a calculation field but for text. There are seven powerful functions (left, right, middle, replace, pad, remove and case) which can be used to manipulate and combine text data from other fields.
Bar charts There are several new options for bar charts – such as the ability to show how a second field is distributed across each bar as a percentage, and the option to stack bars from different fields one on top of another.
Linked datafiles The method for choosing a record from a linked datafile is much more versatile, so that there are now several ways to search for the record you want. You can even create a new record in the linked datafile while you are creating or editing a record in the main datafile.
Line of best fit The line of best fit which may be shown on line graphs and scattergraphs can now be labelled automatically with the equation of the line. You can choose the variable names and the position of the equation on the graph. For multi-axis graphs, each line of best fit can be specified independently.
Files As you would expect, version 4 is fully compatible with files that were produced by older versions of FlexiData.

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