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What's new in version 3 of FlexiCAD

The following is a list of the new features in version 3 of FlexiCAD. There are also several minor improvements to the appearance and flexibility of the program.

One screen All of the tools for creating and editing your drawing now use just one screen. This makes it much easier to use the more powerful tools such as rotate and reflect, as well as more fully integrating the use of objects into the program.
Fill There is now a new tool to fill any enclosed shape with a solid colour.
Hatching The fill tool is also used for hatching - instead of a solid colour you can choose to fill any enclosed shape with a hatch pattern. There is now a choice of twenty five different patterns, each of which can be scaled are/or rotated.
Curves If you need a curve which is not just a simple arc, there is now a new tool to add Bezier curves to your drawing.
Shapes FlexiCAD 3 enables you to add any regular polygon to your drawing - just choose the number of sides and you can then fix the position and angle of the shape. These shapes are protected so that they move as one item, and they cannot be accidentally corrupted or damaged.
Text You can now use any of the fonts that are installed on your computer when you are adding text to your drawing. Selecting a font now uses the normal system for choosing font family, size, bold and italic. You can also stretch or shrink fonts horizontally.
Colour FlexiCAD is no longer limited to 16 colours - version 3 enables you to use any of the 16 million colours which are possible within the RGB colour space.
Fit and centre There is now a single command (and a button on the toolbar) to automatically zoom in or out to fit your whole drawing on the screen and to then centre it within the screen.
Long filenames FlexiCAD now supports the use of long filenames and you can also see long folder names in full - no more MyDocu~1. The program uses the Windows Explorer style of dialog to load and save files.
Check spelling The program now includes a spell checker, which is used to check any text item as you add it to your drawing.

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